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Admin case study: Jared, Single Point of Contact Coordinator

Admin case study: Jared, Single Point of Contact Coordinator

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in an admin role in the NHS?

One of our Single Point of Contact Coordinators, Jared, shares details of his day-to-day work and responsibilities, and what it’s like to work in Norfolk’s community NHS. 

“Having never have worked within the healthcare sector or for the NHS, coming to work at NCH&C was a complete change of career path for me. It was exciting but also daunting at times.  I can honestly say now being a part of the NHS is a decision I wish I had made a lot sooner.

“Before joining NCH&C I worked for a luxury travel company where I sold very expensive holidays to people for three and a half years. Things could not be more different here! In a good way! But it goes to show that people from a variety of backgrounds can find a place here. You just have to want to work with people to find the right outcomes for them.

“Since joining the NCH&C Single Point of Contact Team, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to do the job I do. All calls and referrals into our trust come into the Single Point Of Contact. On a typical week we can receive more than 25,000 calls – it’s a busy role and involves a lot of problem solving. Staff need to be ready and willing to help with a wide range of queries and requests. It’s so varied and is a crucial part of NCH&C. We are the first point of contact for our patients – that’s a big responsibility and we want to get every interaction right.”

“Resilience is key. It is a challenging role and at times it can be high pressured. You need to be able to demonstrate empathy and compassion when talking to patients and at the same time be able to use your initiative to work out what is needed. You absolutely need to be a people person.

“Personally, from an early stage in this role, I have felt able and supported to voice my thoughts about my career development and progression within the NHS. With the support of my supervisors and senior management team I was able to take on more responsibility within the team as well as work on personal projects to further develop my career at NCH&C.

“So, what are my responsibilities? To name some of the projects I have been working on:

  • I carry out Weekly Team Updates making sure everyone has the latest information they need
  • I have created a Teams group for admin staff to get involved in
  • I’ve taken on the role of acting supervisor to support the supervisors during absences, meetings and breaks
  • I mentor new members of staff within the admin team

“I’ve been at NCH&C for just over a year and have successfully secured a secondment in a supervisory role within the Single Point of Contact Hub, which is where my NHS journey began. I’m excited for where this will lead and look forward to continuing my growth and development at NCH&C.”