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Celebrating the heart of the NHS this Community Health and Care Day.

Wednesday 1 November 2023 is national Community Health and Care Day.

Join us in raising awareness about the valuable work community healthcare staff do on national Community Health and Care Day.

Community healthcare is the foundation of the NHS, helping people of all ages live independently, stay in their homes longer and leave hospital sooner.

Although community healthcare makes up one-fifth of the NHS workforce, it is often overlooked. But treating people, and ensuring they stay health and well in their homes, in community hospitals, and in health and medical centres, is every bit as crucial as the more well known forms of healthcare provision.

Boosting ‘out-of-hospital’ care is one of the key elements of the NHS long-term plan and is vital for ensuring people can access the healthcare we need in the future.

Community Health and Care Day is a registered awareness day and is marked every year on 1 November. The day provides the opportunity for everyone to get a better understanding of community healthcare, and to recognise the staff who have dedicated their careers to looking after people locally.

This year’s theme is all about community health and care during the 75 years of the NHS.

We’d love you to get involved with this year’s Community Health and Care Day. We will be posting a handy campaign pack here soon to help you get involved and celebrate your staff.

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Community Health and Care Day 2022

Community care in numbers

District nursing started in England in 1859 - 90 years before the foundation of the NHS

260,000 NHS staff work within the community

15 community trusts within the NHS

We have 182 volunteers helping in over 50 different teams

Community health and care is a key part of the NHS

Community health and care makes up one fifth of the NHS

24 patients in residential or care homes in Norfolk seen each day

1,631 patients seen in their own home in Norfolk every day

For all you do, thank you to our amazing community health service.

Get involved

It’s easy to get involved with Community Health and Care Day to show your support for our amazing community healthcare teams.

Tell us why you’re thankful for community health care, email or contact us via our social media channels.

Download a range of assets that you can use to help celebrate Community Health and Care Day.