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Growing our own workforce

Growing our own workforce

In 2019 we embarked on our most ambitious recruitment of apprentices as we committed to growing our own workforce. Being able to help more people begin and progress steadily through their NHS career is key to ensuring our clinical vacancies are filled and that we can continue providing the crucial community health and care our communities rely on and deserve.

Offering more apprenticeships means we can support people to earn as they learn. This also really helps to support our core value of community. People in Norfolk can begin and progress their career locally.

The Clinical Education team plays a key role in supporting apprentices with clinical skills. The Talent For Care team has worked tirelessly to
promote the apprenticeships and worked with the recruitment team to recruit to the roles, explaining the different careers options to internal and external candidates. They are also there to make sure apprentices are supported as they progress. A key part of the apprentice
experience is the support that they receive from their locality line manager – they really have been pivotal in this programme.

Our first cohort of Nursing Degree Apprentices officially completed their apprenticeships in June last year and all five are now working across NCH&C as Registered Nurses. They are all also being supported with their preceptorship period.

Our first Trainee Nursing Associates have all recently finished their courses and they too will then be placed in their guaranteed jobs at NCH&C in the coming months.

So what next?

We have begun our next round of apprentice recruitment and have also added further apprenticeships to our offering. Keep an eye out for our latest apprentice vacancies and we will be taking part in next month’s National Apprenticeship Week.

If you want some advice and guidance on deciding on what apprenticeship you want to do, applying for an apprenticeship at NCH&C and where it can take you in your career, visit our Apprenticeships pages.

You can also watch our video about some of our apprentices and their experiences working at NCH&C: