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My Nursing Career Journey: Yasmin Moore, Community Nurse

Many of our wonderful nurses join the trust through an apprenticeship pathway. This is a great way for healthcare professionals to learn on the job, getting the skills they need to pursue a new career, while earning at the same time.

Yasmin joined NCH&C as a Healthcare Assistant Apprentice. She now works as a Community Nurse in our NN2 region. Here’s a little taste of what her nursing career is like…

Sum up your job in one sentence…

I visit and provide nursing care to housebound patients, such as wound care, catheter care and palliative care.

What is your favourite thing about being a nurse?

The best part of being a nurse is that it is so rewarding making a difference in someone’s life and making their quality of life a little better.

What does a typical day in your job look like?

A typical day starts with my turning on my laptop and looking at my ledger for the day. I then go to the office and pick up supplies so that I can start my day with everything that I may need. I then visit around 5-10 patients each day and carry out different procedures such as wound care, palliative care, catheter care, or bloods and other tests.

What are some of your most memorable experiences from nursing so far?

It’s hard to pick one of my most memorable experiences while working as a nurse, but one example happened the other week when I went to visit one of our patients to redress his legs. When I arrived something did not feel right, his curtains were shut and he did not shout back when I entered. I carried out his observations and I wasn’t happy with them, so I rang the ambulance and he was admitted straight to the Intensive Care Unit where he is still receiving medical care.

Another experience was when I was visiting a patient who was terrified of her dressings being changed due to pain, I managed to speak to her GP and she was prescribed a good analgesia which helped when changing her dressing. We continued visiting, built a rapport with her, and because her pain was more controlled we were able to provide her with better care more easily. By doing this, her wound healed and she was over the moon. It was such a nice feeling to know that we had helped heal her wound and give her back her independence.

Can you tell me a bit about your experiences during the pandemic?

Working through the pandemic was extremely hard and exhausting, and without the support of each other in our team it would have been ten times harder. I’m very lucky to work in such a lovely supportive team. When the first wave occurred, I worked a couple of shifts on North Walsham Community Inpatient Unit which was very different to working in the community, but I learnt a lot from working in a different environment; the team on the ward were so lovely and kind and really helped put me at ease.

How did your team support each other while working through the pandemic?

Our team supported each other by using Microsoft Teams and phoning each other more often as we were not going into the office as much due to social distancing.

Any words of advice for someone thinking of going in to nursing?

100% go for it! It’s such a rewarding profession and you’ll never get bored as no day is the same.

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