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World Wellbeing Week

Staff wellbeing

NCH&C’s wellbeing strategy is defined by three commitments:

  • protecting time for all staff to access management supervisions
  • providing all leaders with workshop training to help them prioritise wellbeing among their teams
  • providing all our people with a comprehensive range of wellbeing resources.

We have also appointed our first Wellbeing Guardian, Graham Nice, to champion these wellbeing initiatives at board level.

Wellbeing is a very broad concept, so NCH&C is focussing on five priority areas:

  • MSK
  • menopause
  • mental health
  • flexible working
  • wellbeing training

We have produced five ‘priority on a page’ posters to support these priorities. These explain NCH&C’s commitments, and what staff can expect to see us deliver across these key areas. Click here to find out more in our Wellbeing section of this website.