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Celebrating National Conversation Week with the launch of The Handover

NCH&C's brand new podcast

A chance to listen to the experiences of your colleagues at NCH&C

Dedicated to keeping conversations flowing at NCH&C, we’re excited to unveil the all new trust podcast: The Handover.

The Handover is all about having conversations with staff. We want it to be two way in that staff are handing over information to us, and we can do the same to staff via an easily accessible platform. Our last podcast was incredibly popular with colleagues and we hope the new format of The Handover will be as useful and engaging.

The 25-minute podcast episodes aim to be useful and interesting. Something staff like to listen to and take something from. We can only make these conversations happen with you. So do get involved. Email

If you have ideas about what we should cover in The Handover, or you’d like us to come out and interview your team about your work, get in touch.

In the first episode of The Handover, we feature:

  • An insightful visit to Norwich Community Hospital, North Walsham, Kelling, and NNUH to discover what it’s really like working in admin within the NHS, exploring both the rewarding and challenging aspects of the job.
  • Carolyn Fowler, Director of Nursing and Quality, and Rob Mack, Director of Community Health and Social Care Operations, sharing important updates for our frontline colleagues.
  • A special trip to Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse with Melissa Taylor, Communications and Marketing Manager, and Laura McCarthy, Digital Communications Officer, accompanied by NCH&C nurses, to experience the new exhibition “Making the Rounds – Stories of Workhouse Nurses Told in Textiles” in celebration of International Nurses’ Day.

Tune in for these stories and more as we dive into the heart of our community and the people who make it all happen. Don’t miss it!

To listen, search ‘The Handover’ on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music or listen via the website.

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