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Children’s Services at NCH&C

Do you know about the Children's Services we offer at NCH&C?

NCH&C offers a number of Children’s and Young People Services. Find out more about our short breaks and respite services as well as links to our Neurodevelopmental Service:

Squirrels Respite Service 

Squirrels is a four-bed residential short breaks unit offering ground floor, wheelchair accessible, accommodation, combining a homely atmosphere with special facilities for children aged 8-18 who have complex health needs.

Based in Aylsham, Squirrels has a dedicated team of nurses and nursing assistants who are trained to meet the needs of the children, and we work closely with colleagues across NCH&C to offer a multidisciplinary approach for your child.

Find out more about Squirrels here.

Download our Squirrels Respite Service flyer.

Short Breaks Home Nursing Team

Caring for a loved one can be an exhausting experience and respite care is incredibly important.

It’s our vision to provide the highest quality respite care to children with complex health needs. We strive to provide a service that meets the needs of families and allows them to rest, spend time with other family members, or to do something different.

We have a dedicated team of qualified nurses and trained nursing assistants who have qualifications or training to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities and complex health needs.

A registered nurse will work with you and your child to devise safe and effective care plans to ensure all your child’s individualised needs are met during their short break session. Depending on their individual needs their regular session may be provided by a nurse or nursing assistant.

Our nursing assistants will be trained by one of our nurses in the care your child requires and will be supervised until they are confident to carry out the care on their own.

Find out more about our Short Breaks Home Nursing Team here.

Download our Short Breaks Home Nursing Team leaflet.


Starfish is a specialist service that provides a holistic, evidence-based and flexible community service for children and young people with learning disabilities, from the age of 5 to 18 years.

We provide direct intervention to promote and support positive changes for children, caregivers and other agencies.

The Starfish team consists of Learning Disability Nurses, Clinical Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Therapy Assistant, Psychological Therapy Practitioners, Occupational Therapist, Family Support Workers and a Clinical Coordinator.

Services offered to children and their families are delivered in accordance with the Norfolk CAMHS* Strategic Partnership – Joint LD CAMHS** Pathway Protocol and the five guiding principles of Every Child Matters.

Find out more about Starfish here.

Download our Starfish leaflet.

Neurodevelopmental Service (NDS)

The NDS is multi-professional service that assesses children (up to 18 years old) where there are concerns regarding possible neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Find out more about our NDS service here.

Download our ADHD leaflet.

Download our Autism leaflet.