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Introducing the first ever Community Health and Care Day!

Introducing the first ever Community Health and Care Day!

Monday 1 November is Community Health and Care Day: a new national awareness day established by NCH&C to thank the amazing contribution the community healthcare sector.

Community Health and Care Day was launched at the end of 2020 to mark the trust’s 10th anniversary. The day will take place on 1 November every year and is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the vital role that community healthcare plays and help raise the profile of this essential part of the NHS.

Community healthcare is the foundation of the NHS, helping people of all ages live independently, stay in their homes longer and leave hospital sooner. Although community health care makes up one fifth of the NHS workforce, it is often overlooked despite being firmly at the heart of every health and care system. Boosting ‘out-of-hospital’ care is one of the key elements of the NHS long-term plan and is vital for ensuring people can access the healthcare we need in the future.

This year’s Community Health and Care Day celebrations will take place virtually and focuses on the emotional side of community healthcare. It is inspired by the personal stories of our staff and their patients, that typify community healthcare over the last two years.

To launch Community Health and Care Day 2021, we have created a new campaign webpage, and video featuring some of our amazing staff, sharing what community healthcare means to them.

John Webster, Interim CEO for NCH&C, shared his support for the first Community Health & Care Day: “I am delighted that NCH&C is launching the inaugural Community Health & Care Day, giving us the opportunity to raise awareness of the compassion and dedication that goes into community care every day. Our mission to look after people locally drives us to bring our expert care to patients in our community hospitals, within GP surgeries, medical centres, and in their own homes every single day. The breadth of expertise within community health care really is extraordinary – it is a remarkable sector and incredibly rewarding to work in.

“In future years we would love other community health and care providers to join us in this celebration of community health and care to help raise awareness of the work of our devoted staff.”

As we approach Community Health and Care Day 2021, we’ll be sharing some of the amazing stories from our staff and patients across our social media channels, as well as heartfelt ‘thank yous’ for all that our teams do.

If you’d like to show your support for your local teams this Community Health and Care Day, download the social media assets from our campaign website, and use them to say your own thank you on your social media channels.