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Learning at Work Week 2022

Learning at Work Week: Why is workplace learning so important at NCH&C?

Picture of Zoe Young

To celebrate Learning at Work Week, NCH&C’s Organisational Development Consultant, Zoe, created this guest blog post to explain why workplace learning is such an important part of our organisational culture. Over to you, Zoe…

Running from 16-22 May, Learning at Work Week is an annual event to encourage organisations to celebrate and promote workplace learning and its benefits. After the two years we’ve all had, Learning at Work Week is a great opportunity to remind ourselves how important, empowering, and enjoyable workplace learning can be!

We know that at NCH&C, the pandemic has made it very difficult for our people to prioritise their learning and development. This is completely understandable, and we’re sure it’s the same for many healthcare organisations. Now that things are opening up again and returning to normal, we’re using Learning at Work Week as an opportunity to put learning back on the agenda.

Workplace learning is incredibly important, and is an organisational priority for NCH&C. There is plenty of evidence showing that providing employees with inclusive learning opportunities does much more than improve their skills. It boosts morale and retention, supporting people as they develop their careers within our organisation. As you can tell, all of this directly benefits the trust. Good levels of employee engagement also equate to better levels of patient satisfaction.

With over 2,500 employees in hundreds of different roles, we naturally have lots of different types of workplace learning available to suit teams’ and individuals’ needs. The easiest way to find the right learning and development opportunity for you is through our interactive CPD Roadmap. Available on The Loop, this lists many different CPD opportunities available, including apprenticeships, university courses, short courses, workplace learning, and e-Learning. We also have the Leadership Roadmap, which lists all the opportunities available for managers.

Check out these recent tweets to see some of the exciting training we have available…

Learning at work is so important for our development, and NCH&C is fully supportive of this. We have funding available for both clinical and corporate employees to pay for training courses, and we have a study leave policy to help you fit learning around your work schedule.

If you’d like to find out more about apprenticeships at NCH&C, please visit our Talent for Care webpage. For any questions about learning and development, contact our LEAD team on