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Joining the Board

Njoki Yaxley, tells us about her first six months as a Non-Executive Director at NCH&C.

Njoki joined our Board in February 2020. She has a law degree and a Master’s in housing with a background in the social housing sector, specialising in governance, risk and project management. She told us how her first six months in her new role has been going:

“These have been eventful times, totally unexpected and dare I use that oft repeated word- ‘unprecedented’.

“When I first joined NCH&C as a board member, I didn’t think I would be using these words to describe my first six months. I officially joined the board of NCH&C on the 26th of February 2020- a day I will never forget, as it was also the first time that NCH&C started to deal with the impact of Covid 19.

“I vividly recall as we stopped part way through a Quality Committee meeting to hear an update from Beth Kimber, Head of Infection Control. Beth was the consummate professional, quietly but confidently telling us of what was being done to help students who had just returned from a holiday in Northern Italy.

“Beth’s calm but considered approach set the scene for what I was to observe from numerous members of staff at NCH&C in the coming months. Suddenly our roles as Board Members shifted dramatically as a Major ‘Level 4’ Incident was declared. We needed to rapidly change our ways of working. We needed to free up time and space for everyone to deal with the crisis. We needed to be flexible, supportive, but still seek assurance in a very different environment to our usual routines.

“I wanted to join the board of NCH&C because of its mission and values, providing the best in integrated health and social care. I joined because of my passion for social housing and the key link it has to health outcomes for residents in Norfolk.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe that we have truly lived up to our strategy and values. In the past six months, we have done this and more, through the grief, the hardships, and uncertainty, we have persevered and achieved truly remarkable things in the face of adversity.

“In the midst of all the changes, we have learned and changed so much. Yet more is to come as we navigate social justice issues on race and equality. The key thing that matters most to me as a NED, and has impressed me about NCH&C is the commitment to learning, feeling psychologically safe to admit mistakes and improve.  I too, have learnt a lot and feel that I’ve become a better advocate for our staff and patients. I appreciate all that each and every member of TEAM NCH&C has done, and thank you all once again for everything you continue to do.”

Our Public Board meetings are held every month via MS Teams. See our main NCH&C website for how to join these meetings.