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NCH&C Nurses scoop top award

NCH&C Nurses scoop top award

Rosy and Kirstie attended a ceremony in London on 21 June to collect their awards from community nursing charity the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI). The title is bestowed upon nurses who have shown outstanding commitment to delivering high standards of patient care, as well as support and leadership to their colleagues. As well as recognising the dedication and expertise of its winners, the Queen’s Nurse title aims to encourage nurses to promote ‘best practice’ among their colleagues.

Rosy is based at Aylsham Health Centre. She has worked for NCH&C for the last 10 years. Prior to this, Rosy worked for two years, in Great Yarmouth as a community nurse, and prior to that as a staff nurse at the James Paget Hospital.

Commenting on receiving the Queen’s Nurse title, Rosy said: “Nursing is a profession that is respected world-wide.  I am proud to be a nurse.  I believe that it is a privilege to be able to attend to patients throughout their lives.  Even more, nursing in the community is an opportunity to see the patient in the most holistic way.  I am welcomed into patient’s homes in their time of need.  They value my knowledge and experience, and the support and patient centred care that I provide. The qualities of a Queen’s Nurse are the belief in the importance of learning, advocacy, innovation, and a passion for excellence in patient care. These are values I share, and I am honoured to hold the title of Queen’s Nurse, especially in order to raise the profile and recognition of the role of community nursing in the NHS.”

“Every nurse working in the community work very hard every day, often going above and beyond for the patients in their care.  The daily challenges of providing clinical care in the homes of some of the most vulnerable of our community go unseen.  I will continue to champion and campaign for improvements in primary care and continue raising awareness of the essential work the community nurses do.”

Kirstie Sainsbury-Logan is a district nurse and clinical lead manager for the out of hours team. Kirstie has worked within the Trust for 14 years, but has been qualified for 21 years.

Commenting on receiving her award, Kirstie said: “I am very proud that an ordinary district nurse can achieve this recognition. The varied and extraordinary work that my colleagues in our community nursing teams undertake every day in the county makes me proud.”

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