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ReSPECT to launch in Norfolk and Waveney

Learning about ReSPECT


ReSPECT stands for Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment. The plan is created as a result of conversations between a person and their health professionals about that person’s clinical care if a situation arises whereby they no longer have the capacity to make or express choices. Such situations may include death or cardiac arrest, but are not limited to those events. The plans include a recommendation on whether or not CPR should be attempted if the person’s heart and breathing stop.

The process is intended to respect both patient preferences and clinical judgement. The plans are recorded and stay with the person so that they are available immediately to health and care professionals faced with making immediate decisions in an emergency in which the person themselves has lost capacity to participate in making those decisions.

ReSPECT may be used across a range of health and care settings, including the person’s own home, an ambulance, a care home, a hospice or a hospital. Professionals such as ambulance crews, out-of-hours doctors, care home staff and hospital staff will be better able to make immediate decisions about a person’s emergency care and treatment if they have prompt access to agreed clinical recommendations on a ReSPECT form.

ReSPECT is launching in Norfolk and Waveney in March 2020. A launch event for both health and care professionals and the public to find out more is being held on Monday 3 February 2020, 11am – 2pm at The Forum, Norwich.

Stalls and information stands will be available for everyone to learn more about ReSPECT and how it relates to you and those close to you.  Norfolk and Waveney’s health, social care and voluntary sector organisations will be participating, including NCH&C. You can also find out about other initiatives related to ReSPECT which are happening in Norfolk and Waveney.

The event is free and refreshments will be available at the beginning of the event.

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