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Staff Engagement at NCH&C

Good staff engagement is good for everyone...

The term ‘staff engagement’ may sound vague, however, it has a specific definition and is something we take very seriously at NCH&C.

NHS Employers defines staff engagement as “a measure of employees’ emotional attachment to their job, colleagues, and organisation, which profoundly influences their experiences at work and their willingness to learn and perform.”

When an organisation has good staff engagement, the impact is easy to see. High levels of engagement create better patient outcomes, higher CQC ratings, and greater patient satisfaction.

We’re always trying to improve on our high standards and so launched our first standalone Staff Engagement Strategy earlier this year, to help us keep making improvements that are measured in the annual NHS Staff Survey and Quarterly Staff Surveys.

At some time or other, most of us will have worked with someone who is really engaged with their job. Loving their work helps them go above and beyond to provide the best care for patients, the best support for their colleagues, and overall be a great advocate and role model for the trust. We’re sure you all know someone who fits that definition, and the impact they have had on you.

Why staff engagement is now more important than ever

Since better staff experiences equal better patient experiences, an engaged workforce is a valuable tool in our ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

Community healthcare trusts are by nature very dispersed, with staff spread across different sites. In 2020, this became even more pronounced, with many people working from home too.

Being unable to connect with each other face-to-face presents challenges for staff engagement. This means we must make even more effort in 2021 to keep ourselves engaged as employees, colleagues, and healthcare professionals.

Staff engagement: everyone’s responsibility

Think of NCH&C as a 2,500-piece puzzle. If just one of those puzzle pieces is missing, it affects those around it, creating a hole in the bigger picture.

While NCH&C is working hard on its staff engagement, we all have a part to play to make the most out of our time at the trust. Staff engagement is an action: it can’t happen to you or for you. Being engaged with our work is a state that we enter, but it is a choice, and it does take a little work.

Remember: staff engagement isn’t just good for the trust. It’s very good for us as individuals, too. There’s plenty of research evidence to show that satisfied staff are happier and healthier, both in work and their personal lives.

So, how do we do it?

When it comes to feeling engaged at work, you get out what you put in. By staying informed and getting involved with the trust’s staff engagement actions, we can all feel more content and valued at work.

Use the Staff Engagement Matrix

The Staff Engagement Matrix is the ultimate resource for staff engagement at NCH&C. It explains what the trust is doing to implement its Staff Engagement Strategy, and how this will positively impact everyday aspects of your job. The matrix also explains how staff can take responsibility for their own engagement, with links to resources to help. Its overall aim is to help colleagues feel empowered. You can download the interactive matrix from the Staff Engagement Intranet page: http://intranet/staff-engagement/

Ask your leaders what they are doing about staff engagement

While we all have a responsibility to take charge of our own engagement, support from our leaders is vital to embed engagement at NCH&C. The trust’s Staff Engagement Framework complements the strategy, and helps managers nurture a healthy and engaged culture within their teams.

Use your representatives at the staff engagement steering group

Each place and directorate have associate members who attend the Staff Engagement Steering Group meetings every other month. The group aims to guide the progress of staff engagement across the trust. Every voice at the steering group is heard and valued, so learning who your local associate member is a great way to ensure you can have your say on further developments of staff engagement.

Follow the staff engagement social media channels

When we’re all so busy, it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on at the trust. By following our social media channels, you can find out what staff engagement initiatives are going on, delivered in bitesize social media posts. Follow us on Twitter @NCHC_Engagement.


Want to find out more about staff engagement? Visit the Intranet page to see the strategy, framework, and staff engagement matrix. Or contact: