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Staff getting ready to be redeployed to the frontline of COVID fight

Meet a few of our staff who are ready to be redeployed below…

From staff engagement manager to the frontline, meet Laura Palmer…

Laura Palmer, Staff Engagement Manager, NCH&C

Laura can usually be found visiting staff across the county and assisting with engagement and health and wellbeing activities to benefit all employees.

She said;

“By the time I came into work the morning after Boris Johnson announced we all needed to work from home, redeployment training was in full swing. This involved two and half days of additional face to face training, up-skilling on areas such as resuscitation, learning the specifics around infection control and COVID-19, as well as completing all relevant eLearning, importantly on digital patient record keeping.

“Despite my current role being non-clinical, I am a physiotherapist by background, still practicing clinically both within the trust and privately.

“I have kept my clinical professional development as well as mandatory training up to date and was very keen to volunteer to help as and when needed.

“At the moment, I carry around two phones night and day so I am ready to help as soon as I am called. I can be called to cover for any clinical work across Norfolk. This is daunting, but I am ready for the challenge.

“I have never been prouder of our NHS and our organisation (NCH&C) and to play my part in it. Everyone at NCH&C is working so hard and pulling together as one team, every single person’s job is vitally important at this time, clinical and non-clinical. I am especially proud of all the work that is continuing to support all elements of NCH&C employees health and wellbeing at this difficult time.

From office function to frontline clinical aid, meet Lauren Fell…

Lauren Fell, NCH&C

Lauren Fell is the Access to Health Records Officer for NCH&C, however, after some clinical training she has volunteered to help on the frontline caring for patients as and when needed.

She said:

“Whilst I love and enjoy my job and am aware of the importance of the ‘background’ functions within the NHS. I feel that in this time of need I can serve more purpose in the clinical field. Therefore, I have volunteered to be redeployed as a clinical helper.

“This will entail looking after patients’ day-to-day needs, empowering patients on their rehabilitation journey with NCH&C, and also to support the frontline staff to alleviate the pressures they are under in the current climate.

“I have been working in an admin/office-based role in corporate services since 2016, and I am very keen to help however I can, to support colleagues and friends who are on the frontline. Whilst I am aware I have not worked in a clinical environment before, and therefore my skills will be very basic compared to my colleagues, I have recently undergone training for basic patient care to prepare me for this role, and, if all else fails, I can always be there for our patients and staff as a friendly face or a listening ear!

“Working within the NHS means that I have always been aware of these practices, however the thought of undertaking them is rather daunting! But I know that I will have great support and I am looking forward to experiencing a different role.

“This feels like the very least I can do in the circumstances and I am ready for the challenge. Helping others is why I chose a career at NCH&C.”

From projects and investments to helping on wards, meet Nicky Smith…

Nicky Smith, NCH&C

Working in the projects and investment team means that Nicky Smith works alongside clinical teams, but now she is going to join them on the wards at NCH&C.

Nicky said;

“It’s been quite a few years since I last worked as an occupational therapist on the wards. My current role in the projects and investment team means I get to work alongside clinical teams to facilitate service developments, so I always try to keep in touch with what’s happening in frontline services.

“Knowing how busy clinical staff are at the best of times, I did not hesitate in volunteering to go back to helping out on the wards as far as I am able as part of our response to COVID-19.

“I’ve completed my clinical training updates and I’m ready to go and work in a health care assistant role wherever I am needed.”

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