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Thank you to all our staff celebrating 30 and 40 years service

Celebrating long and dedicated NHS careers

We are incredibly proud to be saying congratulations to our staff celebrating 30 and 40 years NHS service. These staff are:

30 years

  • Karen Hammond, Staff Nurse
  • Karen Finch, Staff Nurse
  • Jacqueline Allen, Community Nurse
  • Pauline Jackson, Community Assistant Practitioner
  • Adele Travis, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist – West Locality
  • Helen Bradley, Children’s Quality Matron
  • Janet Carter, Community Therapy Assistant Practitioner
  • Sally Bilverstone, Looked After Children Health Co-ordinator
  • Terry Newman, Head of Digital Services
  • Christine Little, Patient Experience Lead/PALS

40 years

  • Sarah Nevell, Physiotherapist
  • Theresa Hensby, Clinical operations Manager
  • Sheila Wright, Healthcare Assistant

Adele Travis

Helen Bradley

Janet Carter

Sarah Nevell

Sally Bilverstone

Terry Newman

Christine Little

Theresa Hensby