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Thinking of quitting this Stoptober?

Thinking of quitting this Stoptober?

Running throughout October, Stoptober is the NHS’s annual campaign to encourage more people to quit smoking. The campaign is now in its 10th year, and so far over two million people have made a quit attempt with Stoptober.

Over 6 million adults in England still smoke, and it remains the leading cause of premature death, with almost 75,000 preventable deaths a year. A new nationwide survey of 2,000 current smokers conducted by NHS Better Health found that nearly half (45%) have been smoking more since the first lockdown began. Key reasons reported are being bored in the lockdowns (43%) or the pandemic making them more anxious (42%). Further data indicates a large increase in smoking among the under-35s since the coronavirus pandemic, up from 18% in 2019 to 24% now.

With all that in mind, perhaps Stoptober 2021 could be your chance to quit. If you can give it up for 28 consecutive days, you are five times more likely to quit for good.

It’s never too late to stop smoking. Quitting is the best move you can make for your health, and your body can start recovering in just a matter of hours. Check out this video….

While quitting smoking can be difficult, having a plan and accessing the right tools can make it much easier. Head to the Stoptober website to get your free quit plan and loads of tips for how to manage cravings. Smoke Free Norfolk is our regional stop smoking support group providing local support, as well as their Vape Scheme to help smokers cut down or quit.

Looking after your mental wellbeing is equally important while you’re quitting smoking. If you’d like some easy self-care tips or guidance on how to access support, visit our Wellbeing webpages.

Feeling ready to quit?

NHS Better Health has some great tips to help make your quit attempt a success.

  1. Once you have picked your quit date, add it to your calendar.
  2. List your reasons to quit.
  3. Tell people you’re quitting.
  4. If you have tried to quit before, remember what worked.
  5. Use stop smoking aids.
  6. Have a plan if you are tempted to smoke.
  7. List your smoking triggers and how to avoid them.
  8. Keep cravings at bay by keeping busy.
  9. Exercise away the urge.
  10. Join the Stoptober Facebook group for support and advice.

Good luck. Throw away all your cigarettes before you start. Remember, there is never “just one cigarette”. You can do it!