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What’s the deal with apprenticeships?

NCH&C celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

What’s the deal with apprenticeships?

Have you ever thought about doing an apprenticeship but feel you probably need a bit more info about them and how they work? Perhaps you wondered whether doing one is right for you right now? Maybe you need to understand how doing one would benefit your career? Do you need to know more about when the best time to do an apprenticeship is? Do you know what you get paid as an apprentice etc etc… Now is the time to ask and we will do our best to tell you what the deal is with clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships.

In a nutshell, apprenticeships are a great development opportunity at any age, or at any stage in your career. You can even use an apprenticeship to make a total career change.

But we are aware that as well as confusion around age limits and qualification requirements, there is misunderstanding around the nature of NHS apprenticeships.

In advance of National Apprenticeship Week (6-12 February) send us questions you have about apprenticeships and we will try to help you!

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