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Our Nurses. Our Future: Ayesha Mitchell, Clinical Lead

Ayesha has recently qualified with a Masters in District Nursing and has taken time to reflect on her journey in nursing.

Ayesha is the Clinical lead for North Norwich Neighbourhood and Leg Ulcer Clinic. Ayesha is one of four newly qualified district nurses at NCH&C. Here’s her story…

Ayesha Mitchell

As a nurse, my purpose is clear: to provide care that embodies the compassion and kindness I would wish for myself or a loved one during challenging times. This belief has guided me through every step of my career, shaping not only my approach to patient care but also defining my role as a Clinical Lead in a vibrant community team.

In my role as a Clinical Lead, I am entrusted with providing leadership and clinical guidance to our dedicated team of community practitioners. Managing our patient caseload and ensuring the delivery of safe, effective, and compassionate care are central to my responsibilities. Each day, I strive to uphold the values of quality care – safety, effectiveness, responsiveness, and being well-led.

Reflecting on my journey, I am reminded of the beginnings that sparked my passion for nursing. Starting as a healthcare assistant in 2013, I embarked on a path that led me to pursue a nursing degree and progress through various bands, culminating in my current role as a band 7 Clinical Lead and have completed a specialist practitioner of district nursing diploma.

It was community nursing that captivated me – the opportunity to provide care in the comforting embrace of patients’ homes, surrounded by their loved ones. And if we can facilitate excellent care at home then we can prevent avoidable hospital admissions, keeping our community well.

Throughout my career, I’ve learned invaluable lessons, but if I were to pick one thing, it would be the transformative power of teamwork. In the face of challenges, whether it be the complexities of patient care or the demands of an aging population, I’ve witnessed firsthand the remarkable outcomes that stem from collaborative effort.

Looking to the future, and the expanding role of nurses, coupled with advancements in education and practice pathways, promises a future where our workforce is highly skilled and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.

Undoubtedly, nursing has undergone significant changes during my tenure. The introduction of the Registered Nursing Associate (RNA) role stands out as a milestone, broadening practitioners’ scope of practice while upholding safety standards.

In considering the changes we can make for the better, I am reminded of the importance of kindness – both to ourselves and others. Additionally, fostering open and compassionate communication is essential in nurturing positive healthcare experiences for all.

While there have been moments of doubt and contemplation, nursing remains my true calling. Despite the challenges, I cannot envision a career that fills me with the same passion, contentment, and sense of purpose. My advice to aspiring nurses is simple: believe in yourself, embrace the journey, and know that the challenges will be outweighed by the profound fulfillment of making a difference in people’s lives.

As I reflect on my journey, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped me into the nurse I am today. The road ahead may be daunting, but with unwavering dedication and a compassionate heart, I am ready to face whatever challenges come my way, knowing that the rewards will be immeasurable.