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Our Nurses. Our Future: Josie Parrish, Staff Nurse

Josie is a staff nurse at Squirrels Respite Service and she tells us why she loves her job...

My name’s Josie, and I’m a staff nurse at Squirrels Respite Service. I’ve been a nurse for 12 years now and look after children with complex health needs at Squirrels Respite Service. I have worked in the community health visiting team and on the children’s ward at the Norfolk and Norwich, but I absolutely love my job here at Squirrels, which I have been in permanently for 10 years.

I am a learning disability nurse but decided to specialise in children as I have always enjoyed working with children and followed the footsteps of my nan and sister, who are also nurses. Being a nurse is very special, and I have learned so much and still learn something new each day.

At Squirrels, we work with families who have children with complex health needs and support them by providing that valuable respite stay while also providing lots of happy days and outings for the children.

The best part of the job is seeing those happy faces on the children and feeling that you’ve made a difference to families in Norfolk who need some support.