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The Handover with NCH&C

NCH&C's trust podcast

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After a brief hiatus, the NCH&C trust podcast is back with a new name and a new look!

Hosted by the Marketing & Communications team, the Handover is all about having conversations with staff. We want it to be two way in that staff are handing over information to us, and we can do the same to staff via an easily accessible platform. Our last podcast was incredibly popular with colleagues and we hope the new format of The Handover will be as useful and engaging.

Each episode will feature updates from our trust’s leadership team, sharing information that our frontline colleagues need to know, as well as sharing stories from those working on the ‘shop floor’ of the community NHS.

Episodes are approximately 15-20 minutes long, and free to download, so you can listen on your drive between patients, or in your downtime.

You can listen via Spotify, Amazon music and Google Podcasts (just search on any of those platforms for ‘Take a Moment with NCH&C’), or below, here on this page.

TIP: Hover over the wave to click on the ‘i’ symbol, for details of each episode.