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Staying Connected and Resources

With everyone staying home more than usual and with any one of us, our family or friends potentially being asked to follow government guidelines on self-isolation at any time as part of the Test and Trace programme or on returning to the UK from another country. All of this has meant that we have had to be able to continue to adapt to change, something that can be challenging to deal with. Here are some tips, resources and ideas to help you during this time.

This information from the NHS provides guidance on self isolation ie how and why you may have to self-isolate.   Here are some tips on staying connected during these times:

Engage with nature

Get as much exposure to the outside world as possible even if only in your garden: RSPB | BBC | Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Do something fun

This is really important as with extra time on your hands it’s easy to start worrying and reflecting more on the negatives

Take a moment

Minimise watching reading or listening to news that causes anxiety and distress.

Daily life

Keeping a log of your emotions and daily life can help you process everything that’s going on.

Ideas for those with children

We’ve gathered together a few ideas to help you keep the kids busy – click the links below to find out more. Don’t forget to include exercise as part of your day, it’s good for your physical and mental health you can find some fun ideas for exercise in our physical health section.