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Working in Learning Disabilities

What's it like to work in Learning Disabilities?

Ian Bell, Head of Learning Disability Services at NCH&C tells us a bit about working in LD.

“A learning disability is a global impairment of cognitive function. It’s a lifelong developmental disability which will always affect someone’s ability to learn and function independently as an adult. These disabilities will have been present since before the person was 18, and usually from birth. A learning disability is permanent and affects a person’s entire life and differs from specific difficulties such as reading and writing problems, Dyslexia, Autism and Asperger’s.The person may have a medical diagnosis already such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism or Cerebral Palsy, but this does not necessarily mean that the person has Learning Disabilities.

“Norfolk County Council Adult Services Department and NCH&C work together to deliver a single service for people with Learning Disabilities in Norfolk. Our team of Health & Social Care Professionals work to provide specialist healthcare and support to people with a learning disability, as well as their families, to help them live a fulfilling life.

“We provide specialist health and wellbeing input to adults with learning disability whose needs cannot be met by mainstream services. Dependent on need, the team may offer direct intervention, indirect work with carers and families or joint working with other professionals and signposting to, or support to, access mainstream health services. We assess an individual’s needs and the risk factors to produce multidisciplinary care plans to reduce the risk while promoting independence, dignity and quality of life.

“There are many roles in the team, including: Community Learning Disability Nurses; Occupational Therapists; Social Workers and Assistant Practitioners; Clinical Psychologists; Health Care Assistants; Speech and Language Therapists; Dietitians; Transition Workers; Physiotherapists.

“Why consider a career in Learning Disabilities? It offers you the chance to make a difference, a high degree of flexibility and a career with excellent employment prospects.”

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