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It is essential that we take every effort to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our workforce, to enable staff to stay healthy and protect themselves, colleagues, patients and families as we continue to deliver services through this challenging period.

How are you?

NCH&C’s greatest asset is the people that work for it and the Wellbeing of our staff has never been an optional extra. During lockdown we built on our already comprehensive core Health and Wellbeing offer. Recognising that the challenge of maintaining staff wellbeing will be a long term one, we have established long term plan to offer practical, relevant and accessible help and support.

This has included: drawing on the expertise of our own clinical psychologists to provide psychological advice and support to staff that need it; launching this new online Wellbeing resource that is accessible to all staff and their families, ensuring staff are kept up to date on everything that is going on during this unprecedented time across our vast network of services, amplifying the voice of our staff and giving them the opportunity to talk about their thoughts and experiences via staff blogs, radio interviews and via a new staff magazine which aims to reinforce the message that we will get through this together.

We have created additional rest areas and ‘wobble rooms’, as well as delivering Wellbeing Packs, which included generous public donations, to all our services. We have also worked hard to ensure our hundreds of staff working from home have felt supported and engaged.

For the full list of the initiatives and support we have launched for staff during the last 18 months, click here.

What’s new?

World Wellbeing Week: 21- 30 June 2021

This World Wellbeing Week  is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the trust’s commitment to wellbeing, and how it supports staff in accessing wellbeing support and resources.

The trust’s wellbeing strategy is defined by three commitments: protecting time for all staff to access management supervisions, providing all leaders with workshop training to help them prioritise wellbeing among their teams, and providing all our people with a comprehensive range of wellbeing resources.

The trust has also appointed its first Wellbeing Guardian, Graham Nice, to champion these wellbeing initiatives at board level.

Wellbeing is a very broad concept, so NCH&C is focussing on five priority areas: MSK, menopause, mental health, flexible working, and wellbeing training.

As part of World Wellbeing Week, we have produced five ‘priority on a page’ posters. These explain the trust’s commitments, and what staff can expect to see the trust deliver across these key areas. Click on the links below to print and share with your team.