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Celebrating Occupational Therapists

Celebrating OT Week 2023

Occupational Therapy Week this year was all about supporting OTs to create a better understanding of occupations, in the context of occupational therapy.

What are occupations and why do they matter? Through having these conversations and raising awareness everyone will better understand the role of occupational therapy, its impact and value.

Occupations are any activity that we need, want or like to do to live and to look after our physical and mental health. They can be self-care, productive or leisure. Find out more about occupational therapy in our NCH&C community and hear from some of our OTs here.

Rowena is a Children’s Occupational Therapist. She talks about how she makes a difference to her patient’s lives here.

The awareness raising opportunities don’t end this week though, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists has put together a calendar of activities for November with ideas to help spread the message:

OT calendar