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We’re Mobile Working

Mobile working has become even more essential in the last few months

Our community clinicians adopted mobile working quite some time ago as we identified that it was a more safe way to deliver care to our patients. As we were already using technology to access and update our patients’ records on the move at any time in a safe and secure way, when lockdown struck, our community teams were able to react quickly and effectively
and continue to deliver the care our patients needed.

Mobile Working provides a variety of benefits for our patients, our staff and NCH&C as a whole. There is no one way of Mobile Working, rather it’s a framework that is designed to support how our staff work.  We spoke to our staff to get their top tips for mobile working:

  • Check that your equipment is fully charged and working ready for the start of your shift
  • Keep your equipment clean. NCH&C provides tools for cleaning and disinfecting laptop screens and keyboards
  • Keep your diary up-to-date. If your plans change, ensure your appointment locations, expected arrival and departure times are corrected. Help your line manager to know where you are so in the case of genuine concern, they are able to act quickly to preserve your safety

“I download the records I need at the start of my working day, just in case.  You never know when that connection will drop out.”

How you can be inclusive with your patient:

“I find that patients are used to having clinicians record-keeping on a computer. For example, it’s very common that this happens when they visit their GP. I often turn the screen so the patient can see what I’m writing. Sometimes reading your notes back to include them in the process really helps too.”

The safety of your notes:

“Notes are your patients’ personal data. Even a Post-It with their address is private information. If you’re writing things down, you have to make sure the paper notes are safely secured and then properly disposed of. You don’t have any such worry if you are using Mobile Working.”