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Join us at our AGM on Thursday 24 September 2020

Join our Virtual AGM

There will be a keynote presentation about our ‘Growing our own workforce’ programme and we’ll be recognising some special members of staff. Find out more about how we have been Looking After You Locally.

How to ‘attend’ our AGM

Before you join NCH&C’s virtual AGM broadcast on Thursday, there are a few things to note:

• We recommend that you test your connection to the broadcast beforehand. You can already check if the broadcast will work for you by clicking on the link below.

• Because this is a MS Teams broadcast as opposed to a meeting, when you join the event your camera and microphone will be turned off by default so we won’t be able to see or hear you. You can join or leave the broadcast at any point during the event (but we’d love for you to stay for the whole event, of course!)

• Please do forward the broadcast link to anyone else that you think would like to attend – this is a public event and open to all.

• You can participate in the AGM by submitting your questions (see below).

Click here to join the AGM broadcast

What to expect at our virtual AGM

The AGM will consist of a number of presentations from our Executive and Non-Executive Directors about the performance of NCH&C across key areas during 2019-20. The broadcast will be LIVE to all those attending and will also be recorded for people to watch at a later date.

The AGM will be chaired by the Chair of NCH&C, Geraldine Broderick. An agenda for the AGM can be found below. Our AGM is open to everyone to attend: staff; patients, families and carers; the general public; the media; and other external stakeholders. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in the meeting, details of how you can do so are below.

How to participate in the AGM

At any point during the AGM broadcast, you can type questions in to the Live Event Q&A, stating who the question is for and what it’s in reference to. Questions can be submitted either with your name or anonymously (tick the ‘post as anonymous’ box if you don’t want your name to appear by your question). Published questions will appear on the right side of your screen (you need to select ‘Show Q&A’ on your task bar to enable this). These question posts can be engaged with, i.e. by liking them etc. Our Board aim to answer as many of your questions as they can in the Q&A from 11:30am.

Click here for to download the AGM 2020 – agenda