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Take a moment with NCH&C

NCH&C introduced ‘Take a Moment with NCH&C’ podcasts in 2022, a sector leading and transformative communication approach.

Since then we have covered personal and insightful stories from a wide variety of people on an array of subjects. This includes carers, menopause, men’s health, LGBTQ+ personal stories, reasonable adjustments, and baby loss. Have a look at all our podcasts and listen here.

Almost 100 episodes of the podcast have been published to date with almost 10000 downloads. Its presence on platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music ensures a broad audience reach beyond internal staff. To further enhance its scope and impact, the podcast is planned, created, and published by a communications team that actively pursues potential interviewees and collaborations while fostering staff engagement through volunteer storytelling.

Earlier this year our podcast was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ at the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) Inclusivity Excellence Awards.

In a case study about ‘Take a moment with NCH&C’, the ENEI said: “The podcast’s impact transcends numerical data, evident in its effectiveness as a communication tool and recruitment magnet.”

“In the first half of 2023, podcast-related social media posts reached 18,686 unique viewers, indicating significant interest, and driving traffic to NCH&C’s profile, a positive sign for recruitment efforts. Additionally, the podcast serves as a potent tool for potential recruits to gauge the organisation’s support and respect for its staff, fostering recruitment of a diverse workforce.”

Vicky Brooke, NCH&C’s Head of Communications, Marketing, and Engagement, said: “Official recognition for our podcast from the ENEI as an effective and regarded channel of communication is amazing. Staff tell us that they’ve listened to the 100 episodes we’ve so far created with genuine interest. It’s provided a great way to build empathy and understanding across our community trust and beyond.

“Right now we’re looking at the next phase for NCH&C’s podcast, including the possibility of creating department and service-specific episodes to further enrich the podcast’s value inside and outside of the organisation. We’re excited about launching a new series for the podcast in mid 2024.”

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