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Introducing our new look podcast!

Take a moment with NCH&C

To coincide with last week’s National Conversation Week we were excited to unveil the new look NCH&C podcast! 

Take a moment with NCH&C

Take a Moment with NCH&C launched last year and has been a hugely popular new channel for our staff. Each episode is created specifically to be of interest to our staff and enables them to catch up with colleagues, peers and subject matter experts in a casual, entertaining and informative way.

Since it launched, we have created 27 episodes and discussed the personal, and the professional. We even had a very special celebrity episode! The podcast has been downloaded over 2,000 times. Don’t just take our word for it, have a listen!!

To listen, search ‘Take a Moment with NCH&C’ on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music. NCH&C staff can also find all episodes on The Loop.

Series 1: Workplace wellbeing (focus on workforce health, safety and wellbeing)

  • Ep. 01 Men’s Mental health with Ian Bell and Nick Little
  • Ep. 02 Self Compassion with Donna Clements
  • Ep. 04 Health & Fitness with Alan Dawson
  • Ep. 05 Emergency Planning and Safety at the trust with Alan and Stuart
  • Ep. 06 Diet & Nutrition with Sejal Jacob
  • Ep. 07 Staff Engagement with Abi Adams-Orme

Series 2: Menopause (mini-series to help acknowledge and support staff experiencing the menopause)

  • Ep. 01 Let’s Talk Menopause Panel Discussion
  • Ep. 02 Anonymous
  • Ep. 03 Laura palmer, line manager perspective
  • Ep. 04 Lesley Luscher

Series 3: Careers (recruitment focused, what it’s like to work at NCH&C)

  • Ep. 01 International Recruitment Panel Discussion
  • Ep. 02 A Sense of Belonging with Emma Clark (NNUH) and Mercy Kaggwa
  • Ep. 03 Is Our Recruitment Process Fair to All?

Series 4: Speaking Up (How the trust is taking action and giving a voice to staff)

  • Ep. 02 Equality & Freedom to Speak Up with Mercy and Nijck
  • Ep. 03 Beyond Reasonable Adjustment with Jess and Nijck
  • Ep. 04 Domestic Abuse with mark and Vicky
  • Ep. 05 Understanding our Staff Networks with Chioma and Diane
  • Ep. 06 International Women’s Day Panel Discussion
  • Ep. 07 LGBTQ+ at NCH&C with Ellie and Katrina

Series 5: Spotlight on… (Getting to know staff and teams)

  • Ep. 01 Spotlight on… the Out of Hours Team & Ageing Well
  • Ep. 02 Spotlight on… Stephen Collman CEO
  • Ep. 03 Spotlight on… Laura Clear
  • Ep. 04 Spotlight on… Venu Harilal
  • Ep. 05 CELEBRITY SPECIAL Actor Chris Rankin
  • Ep. 06 Spotlight on… Liz Cooke
  • Ep. 07 Spotlight on… Nuella Ibezim – from Nigeria to Norfolk

Would you like to be a guest on our podcast?

We’re always on the look out for interesting, entertaining subjects for the podcast. This includes teams at NCH&C and those outside of the trust. If you would like to talk about anything from your team, your personal life or a subject you feel we should be asking questions about, email