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Ten reasons to choose NCH&C this National Careers Week!

Celebrating National Careers Week

7-12 March 2022

Happy National Careers Week! This weeklong event is a chance to support everyone who’s getting ready to take the first steps in their career, and to celebrate the world of exciting opportunities that are waiting for you.

Whether you have your next move all planned out, or you’re still open to suggestions, we’d like to share some of the great reasons to consider a career at NCH&C.

Community health and care is an essential part of the NHS, providing care and treatment to patients in their own homes, and their local environments (such as schools, GP surgeries, and care homes).

If your dream job is to be a type of clinician, you probably already know you’ll be working for the NHS – but have you considered community healthcare? And did you know that we employ hundreds of corporate staff, too, across departments like IT, Admin, Marketing, and Finance?

Keep reading for 10 reasons to choose NCH&C…

  1. Community healthcare is incredibly rewarding. Since patients are inviting you into their homes to provide treatment, you build close relationships with them and their families. You’ll often be working with the same people on a long-term basis, so you really become a part of their health story.
  2. You’ll gain skills to progress your career anywhere. The NHS contains the same department you’d expect to find in any other business or organisation: HR, Digital Services, Communications, and more. Starting your career in the NHS can set you up for a career anywhere.
  3. We offer jobs that fit around your life – not the other way round. Flexible working is common at NCH&C, including arrangements like condensed hours, job shares, remote working, and more.
  4. Great training and progression opportunities. All our staff are supported through the training they need to do their job, and to take it to the next level. You can even do an apprenticeship or a degree while working for us.
  5. Staff wellbeing is a priority. We help staff look after their health and wellbeing by providing on-site gyms, physiotherapy service, counselling, and paid time off for volunteering.
  6. We celebrate hard work and success. A good job never goes unnoticed at NCH&C. You could receive a Thank You card from your team, a Badge of Recognition from our Staff Engagement Committee, or even a prestigious REACH Award!
  7. Your voice matters. At NCH&C, we value feedback and opinions from all areas and all levels. Our senior leadership team are incredibly friendly and open – they love to hear opinions from staff about how they can make NCH&C a better place to work, and a better care provider.
  8. You’ll be working with (and learning from) the best. As well as the chance to show some initiative, you’ll also be working as part of close-knit teams with some amazing people.
  9. Competitive salary and perks. As well as offers like salary sacrifice schemes for cars and bikes, you’ll also receive a generous NHS pension, and will qualify for loads of NHS discounts at lots of major shops and venues.
  10. Make a difference every day. Whether you’re clinical or corporate, you’ll be part of an organisation that provides free, universal healthcare to people in their own homes and local communities. What could feel better than that?

For more information about working at NCH&C, have a look around our careers site, and check out our vacancies and apprenticeships. Any questions? Email our Talent for Care team on